By creating the world's best display solutions.

Deep down, we love culture and the value that individuals place on stories. Our love of sneakers is actually what started it all.

In 2016, we were looking for a display solution to showcase our sneakers.

We looked everywhere, far and wide, but could not find anything met our expectations.

  • Materials - Cheap and thin
  • Designs - Outdated and ugly
  • Customization - Hard to get
  • Lights - Forget about it

We wanted a solution that actually cared about what was going inside.

We found

Thus, our journey began to create the world's best display solutions.

We Wanted To Create A Product That Included:

  • 1  Strong Quality Materials
  • 2  Thoughtful Designs
  • 3  Customization Options
  • 4  Electronic Components


A Lot Of Customer Feedback,
2+ Years,
10+ Iterations

We finally created our first product, ShoeBoxOne, that we are proud to put our name on. We paid attention to every detail, aesthetic, functionality, and created a product that showcases and protects; A product that cares as much as you do.

ShoeBoxOne was just the beginning.

We are creating new display products to allow you to protect, present, preserve, and personalize what matters most to you.

At DisplayInfinity, we help showcase and protect history and culture by creating the world’s best display solutions.

Add military trophies, sports memorabilia, etc more than just sneakers


Eddy served 6 years in the military with tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. He did his undergraduate in Computer Engineering and is currently an MBA candidate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During his free time, he loves to play basketball, hang out with his dog Oso, and workout.

Eddy Mejia

Chief Display Officer

Aniyha is currently completing her bachelor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Aniyha is in charge of all D∞ communication on all platforms. In her free time, Aniyha loves watching sports and learning new marketing techniques.

Aniyha Jones

Chief Marketing Officer

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